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Hone Your Entire Distributor-Network’s Modus Operanting With IMAST’s Coherent Distributor Management System

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Don’t surrender to intensive operations, automate them!

Distribution is a very demanding process, and the intensive operations can take up a lot of your time without you even realizing it. From managing orders and planning effective routes to ensuring timely deliveries, the process can soon become very overwhelming. Endlessly juggling between your staff and clients may lead to decreased efficiency, higher costs, and a decline in customer satisfaction.

IMAST renders seamless automation to turn your distributor networks into a profitable, self-driven engine. Our robust systems help you bridge the gap between demand and supply effortlessly and tap into untapped markets through various optimized distributor channels.

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Why work IN your business when you can work ON it?

Having to manually manage your networks and processes hinders the amount of attention you can devote to actually growing your business, and before you realize it, you begin working in your business instead of working on it. 

With IMAST Distributor+, you can streamline distribution workflows and activities, increase supply chain efficiencies, manage inventory to avoid over-stocking and get access to real-time data and insights. Leverage our centralized model to automate, expand, and gain control over your distributor workflows. 

Is Your Digital Ecosystem Your Best Salesman?

With IMAST, you can connect all the dots between your sales channels and customers. We empower you to build your own unique digital ecosystem that is integrated, resilient, and scalable.


Distributor Module

IMAST Distributor+ is a complete, cohesive module for your entire distributor network. It allows you to streamline, automate, and scale distributor sales, rendering operational ease and efficiency.

Retail Module

IMAST’s retail app module eliminates gaps between retailers and distributors. You can directly tap into your retail networks to track and enhance secondary sales.

Sales Staff Module

IMAST Sales Staff module enables distributors to manage distribution sales effortlessly. You can further tap into secondary sales to get real-time insights regarding daily orders and deliveries.

Imast Distributor Module

Designed to improve margins and reduce turnaround time, our robust technology helps automate the entire distribution process of all sales and purchase activities, including inventory management, stock, staff performance, retail sales, and secondary sales.  Distributor+ equips you to hone and scale your entire distribution business through a single integrated, feature-rich solution.

Manage secondary sales including orders, processing, and deliveries. Manage your secondary sales including order processing and deliveries. Get real-time orders from all your retailers and sales staff- all in a single dashboard.

  • Enhance efficiency by minimizing phone communications, human resources, and manual inaccuracies through real-time product tracking, precise order and collection recording.
  • Trim down order processing time and expenses by embracing online ordering via IMAST DMS. This empowers both your customers and sales representatives to place orders 24/7 using the web-based platform.
  • Elevate service standards and metrics with IMAST DMS, which curbs fraud, eradicates collection discrepancies, and guarantees absolute transparency and precision in upholding account and transaction chronicles.
  • Streamline the process for retailers to directly input purchase invoices from suppliers, effectively eliminating the significant time typically spent on data entry.
  • Empower company representatives of product suppliers and Sales Reps to access Stock and Sales reports remotely, from any location and at any time.

Generate organized, compliant invoices, e-bills and e-invoices within a few clicks. Auto-populate order information to enhance efficiency. E – Invoicing and E Way Bill end to end management, also real time KYC verification . Customize invoices based on your requirements. You can add/modify columns like taxes, HSN code, etc. 

Have total power to decide your own margin and profits

  • Establish pricing tiers for each product or brand based on customer categorization (corporate, retail, wholesale), branch location, and geographical area.
  • Seamlessly transform sales orders and delivery notes into invoiced transactions.
  • Accommodate various tax frameworks
  • Configure invoice pricing (both monetary and product-based) and special offers in alignment with the stipulated price controls.
  • Facilitate diverse formatting options and multi-company invoicing, enabling the billing of items from multiple companies within a single invoice effortlessly.
  • Effortlessly access customer purchase history during the billing process to make informed decisions regarding discounts and promotions, ultimately enhancing profit margins.

Auto-check credit exposure before confirming orders and fix credit limits based on customer ratings. You can also provide special credit leeway’s to credit checks. 

  • Exert complete authority over credit limits and the duration of credit days applicable to individual customers, with the added capability of automatic credit bill suspension when necessary.
  • Utilize an intuitive and robust user interface to expedite payment processing and effortlessly adjust receipts in relation to invoices.
  • Conduct comprehensive analyses of cash flow and fund flow, categorized by month, group, and specific ledger classifications.
  • Employ a versatile user interface to input initial balances for customers, suppliers, and other ledger entries, ensuring adaptability and ease of use.

Request, inspect, and track returns along with approvals and credit notes. Minimize losses with refunds and replacements. 

  • Verify customer returns due to expiry or damage using the batch number from the sales invoice. In accordance with predefined tiers, facilitate the issuance of replacement items or credit notes to customers. Manage daily expiry or damage adjustments by either including them in the subsequent bill or providing replacements. Additionally, the option to generate credit notes is available.
  • Effortlessly record and monitor returns of expired or damaged items sent back to suppliers. Streamline the process of managing product replacements or credited values offered by suppliers, enhancing decision-making capabilities.
  • Facilitate purchase returns with the flexibility to choose between cost price or purchase price, depending on the supplier's terms.
  • Seamlessly incorporate adjustments for credit notes or purchase returns during goods receipt entry.
  • Provide the ability to input remarks on a per-item basis for both purchase and sales returns, enabling future verification.

Get organized reports with relevant insights to analyses and further plan business strategies accordingly. 

  • A comprehensive report detailing all incoming and outgoing transactions related to stocks and sales.
  • Generate an exceptional report categorized by geographic area or salesperson, focusing on collections from field sales.
  • Utilize a user-friendly dashboard to swiftly identify the leading 'N' products, brands, salespersons, or customers, providing an instant overview of your entire business.
  • Precisely examine and generate reports concerning rapidly moving items, surplus stock, stock shortages, stagnant goods, and obsolete inventory.
  • Benefit from features such as a scheduler for Management Information System (MIS) reports, options for personalization, and robust security protocols that allow user and role-based customization of menus and screens.
  • Effortlessly access frequently viewed reports through the "My Reports" shortcut. Modify and customize reports with ease by enabling, disabling, or rearranging columns as needed.
  • Maintain an audit trail and generate reports while also having the ability to export each transaction in multiple formats like text, xls, html, or PDF.

Send instant SMS/emails to customers to notify them about transactions and updates.

Seamlessly manage transactions via integrated tally functionality.

  • Data Centralization , Possibility to queue data for synchronization, even in offline
  • Smooth import and export of data from distributors
  • Detailed recording of information down to the minute level
  • SKU Mapping guarantees authenticity for distributors dealing with multiple brands

Keep track of transactions and ease workflows by managing purchase orders and invoices. Get all brand details along with credit, debit, inventories, etc. on a single platform.

  • Fully automated by seamlessly integrating with ERP systems
  • Manage replenishment in accordance with inventory standards
  • Enable tracking of inventory levels throughout the entire supply chain
  • Adjust system-generated orders to align with market demand
  • Establish reorder thresholds

Ensure complete stock of goods based on market demand and control stock-ins and stock-outs. Keep a record of SKU variants and serial number tracking. 

  • Conduct a daily stock audit using real-time monitoring through your mobile device during business hours, ensuring comprehensive control over inventory.
  • Maintain stock records with precision and reliability, gaining insights into sales and remaining stock quantities.
  • Regularly perform stock audits to generate reports highlighting any disparities by comparing physical and system-managed stock figures.
  • Enhance efficiency in item retrieval and packaging by associating each product with a designated rack or shelf, significantly reducing processing time.
  • Utilize batch-specific inventory analysis to identify batch-related information such as expiration dates, varying rates, and special offers.
  • Automate the reordering process by considering factors like minimum and maximum stock thresholds, recent sales data, and minimum quantities within a specified sales window. Additionally, set purchase orders based on a defined number of sales days while validating free quantity allocations.
  • Analyze stock based on product age to gain insights into the value of slow-moving and stagnant items.

Manage outstanding and due invoices. Update collected full and partial payments via payment modes while everything at the back office is synced in real-time. 

  • Generate Outstanding and Collection reports using criteria such as geographical area, sales representative, supplier, and aging categories.
  • Perform analysis of Cash flow and Fund flow, categorized by month, account group, and ledger details.
  • Provide a versatile user interface for inputting initial balances concerning clients, suppliers, and other ledger entries.

Create and promote offers and schemes based on products, categories, and customer categories.

  • Supports over 100 distinct types of offers and promotions
  • Enables the creation of offers based on products, categories, and customer segments, with options for configuring selective batch or lot settings
  • Allows for special discount offers based on the bill value for specific time periods
  • Facilitates the creation of loyalty programs rooted in bill value, specific products, etc., and organized by product sales value
  • Enables the implementation of gift or discount-based redemption for future purchases, as outlined in each tier
  • Keeps track of accumulated loyalty points with a complete historical record
  • Provides tools for devising and executing dynamic schemes within the distributor management system
  • Features a flexible workflow for obtaining company approvals from sales, trade marketing, and finance departments

Manage Distributor’s claims effectively.

  • Quick and automatic creation of claims for crucial operations such as implementing price reductions and promotions.
  • Creation of claims manually to cover particular expenditures like logistics and field sales personnel expenses.
  • Adaptable workflow designed for company endorsement involving Sales, Trade Marketing, and Finance departments.

Get prepared GST reports to stay compliant with GST norms and ease return filing. 

  • Report on Sales & Purchase Taxes
  • Taxation Report Based on Item Categories
  • HSN-Based Tax Report
  • Taxation Analysis by Vendor and Customer

Upload data in bulk for Excel sheets using utility tools like price feed, customer feed, product feed, etc.

Imast Retail Module

Our Retail App Module enables you to penetrate deep into your trade channels and connect directly with your retailers. It further bridges gaps between retailers and distributors to help enhance secondary sales. The module leverages new-age technology to help businesses manage and grow their retail networks, without having to juggle between various solutions for various stakeholders.

Digital Order Taking:

Collect, track, monitor, and maximize order volume directly from IMAST Distributor+ mobile app, thus eliminating tedious physical visits.

Analytics and Insights:

Get regular, organised reports to make winning strategies and decisions.

Seamless Integration:

Integrated with distributor and sales module to ensure seamless flow of orders. Get visibility into relevant workflows to ensure zero roadblocks.

Targeted Trade and Promotional Schemes:

Retailers can look into distributor stocks to make an informed purchasing decision.

Payments and Invoicing:

Collect secured digital payments and mark invoices against completed orders.

Loyalty Management:

Retailers can access and indulge in loyalty programs while availing all benefits through a simple interface.

Returns and Feedback Management:

Simplified return options to ensure ease for retailers and the brand. Retailers can give their feedback simply through WhatsApp, messenger, etc.

Order Dispatch Tracking

Retailers can track order dispatches from distributors to get real-time updates and timely deliveries.

Targeted Trade and Promotional Schemes:

Share brochures, catalogues, new product launches, schemes, offers, and discounts through digital mediums to enhance brand awareness.

Imast Sales Staff Module

Our Sales Staff Module is strategically built to align your distributor activities with your brand goals. It helps you digitize order taking, streamline order processing, control payment collection, and manage the entire chain of processes and the staff involved through a centralised system.

Order Collection:

Receive real-time orders from field sales reps and manage order processing seamlessly.

Payment Collection:

Check dues in the app and collect full or partial payments accordingly. Provide payment updates which will further be synced with the back office immediately.

Payment Status:

Check the payment status in the system or mobile app to maintain transactional transparency.

Order Status:

Streamline order processing and delivery activities. Check order status and get real-time updates.

Beat Route:

Plan and assign beat routes to the sales staff. Track and monitor day-to-day routines and field visits.

Salesman Tracking:

Track your salesmen’s location on the map and follow their daily progress. Ensure timely customer visits and the efficiency of your sales staff.

Why choose IMAST?

IMAST: Two Decades of Excellence, Trust, and Seamless Implementation

Founded by Seasoned Industry Leaders, Impeccable Solutions, Unrivalled Client Trust, and a Team Committed to Success

Decades of Mastery:

Over 20 years of industry leadership, led by seasoned experts with 15+ years of client-side experience.

Proven and Secure Solutions:

IMAST's decade-old solutions demonstrate reliability and scalability, ensuring a 95% client retention rate. Compliant with ISO, GDPR, and SoC2 infrastructure standards.

Practical Expertise:

Grounded in practicality, IMAST's implementation strategies ensure efficient and effective outcomes.

Client-Centric Focus:

IMAST prioritizes client trust, earning and maintaining confidence through transparent communication and tailored solutions.

Positive Culture and Top-Class Infrastructure:

A collaborative and positive working culture at IMAST encourages creativity, teamwork, and professional growth. We invest in success with top-class facilities, maintaining a seamless workflow from ideation to implementation.

Integrated and Scalable Solutions:

IMAST 360 is scalable, hosted on the AWS Webserver, with integrated modules and world-class analytics.

Our Integrated Partnerships

Seamless Integration with Your Favorite Tools!
Welcome the ease of integration with our system that already incorporates these smart tools.

Customer Success Stories

Customer Loyalty Solutions and Program Management for India's Leading Design House

Imast presents the epitome of loyalty management, customized exclusively for India's foremost design house, Good Earth. Seamlessly integrating Imast's 360 loyalty module across stores and e-commerce platforms, experience comprehensive end-to-end customer loyalty program management.

Elevate Loyalty Integrated Solutions for India's Modern, Mindful Design Studio

Imast unveils cutting-edge loyalty management tailored for Nicorbar, a visionary modern design studio from India. Seamlessly deploy Imast's 360 loyalty module across retail outlets and online platforms, ensuring holistic customer loyalty program management from start to finish.

Revolutionizing Loyalty and Referral Program Management

Imast introduces an innovative loyalty and referral program for Ashok Leyland, India's premier automotive brand. Leveraging Imast's integrated Loyalty and Lead Management Module, experience seamless customer engagement and program management with Imast 360.

Complete transparency of influencer sales

To enlist Fabricators by Sales Staff and obtain 100% visibility of sales made through influencers, IMAST created an integrated stack , which help in bringing transparency and visibility in entire sales process.

First-ever Integrated Automotive Aftermarket Solution

Automotive Retailers, Workshops, Mechanics, Sales Staff, and Distributors were all incorporated into one solution by IMAST. It aided Lumax in offering a flawless after-market sales operation.

Expanded Market Reach for Clothing Retailers

For field executives, IMAST deployed SFA Solution, and the solution was extended to Retailers for Loyalty Program and Sales Capture. This facilitated the penetration of the PRIDE Retail Loyalty Program on the field and helped Raymonds increase their reach to new shops.

An increase in the productivity of retail and stationery sales

Field executives, retailers, and stationers used IMAST Solutions to track sales and build customer loyalty. Trident's reach multiplied in the last four years, and achieved a 100% increase in active channel partners.

Integrated Approach for the Electrical Industry

IMAST deployed a comprehensive solution Covering aspects for field sales operations , field service operations , electricians and retailers loyalty programs. This eased the burden of sales operations there by extending C&S Electric's reach.

India's First Integrated Solution for Solar Industry Solution

Bringing a revolution in the Solar Panel Industry , IMAST deployed first integrated solution in solar panels industry roping in Solar Panel Integrators , Franchise and Sales Staff.


Create customised reward, gifting, and payout infrastructure