Revolutionize After Sales with True View

Unleash the Power of Comprehensive After Sales Service Management

Elevate Your After Sales Experience with True View

True View, our SAAS-based platform, revolutionizes after-sales management. Clients wield the power to seamlessly manage services with a dynamic mobility solution for service employees and efficient backend support for complaint logging and distribution. True View offers holistic after-sales support, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process throughout.

4 Key Advantages of True View System

Effortless After Sales Management

  1. Centralize and manage your after-sales service effortlessly with True View.
  2. Enjoy a user-friendly interface for intuitive navigation.
  3. Ensure prompt service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Mobility Solutions for Field Service

  1. Empower your service employees with a dynamic mobility solution.
  2. Real-time activity tracking for enhanced productivity.
  3. Accessibility on-the-go ensures efficiency in the field.

Efficient Complaint Logging and Distribution

  1. Our backend team solution enables efficient complaint logging.
  2. Distribute complaints promptly to service centers for swift resolution.
  3. Enhance customer satisfaction with timely responses.

Holistic After Sales Support

  1. True View provides a holistic after-sales support system.
  2. Comprehensive service management for all your needs.
  3. From ticket creation to resolution, we've got you covered.

Features That Redefine After Sales Service

Uncover the True Power of True View Features

Effortless Lead and Account Management

Achieve a unified view of leads and accounts, eliminating data discrepancies for efficient decision-making.

Categorize leads effectively for customized engagement, enhancing conversion rates and personalized interactions.

Monitor lead interactions for optimized sales strategies and stronger customer relationships.

Quickly identify potential leads to expand your customer base and seize business opportunities.

Organize and visualize leads for a clear understanding of your sales pipeline and effective prioritization.

Mobility-Enabled Lead Management with Lead Sprint App

Stay productive and agile with the imast CRM mobile app for on-the-go lead management.

Optimize your daily schedule with automated plans and relevant meeting suggestions.

Efficiently track field force activities and enhance their productivity with convenient check-in and check-out features.

Assign leads based on geographical proximity to optimize field force efforts and reach potential customers effectively.

Manage leads seamlessly even without a stable internet connection, ensuring uninterrupted lead management regardless of connectivity.

Simplified Sales Lead Management for Optimal Results

Maximize conversions by tracking lead progress and ensuring thorough adherence to the sales process.

Streamline lead evaluation and prioritize actions for more efficient and targeted engagement.

Efficiently allocate leads to the right team members for prompt follow-ups and enhanced lead nurturing.

Receive timely alerts and notifications for lead updates and activities, enabling proactive engagement and follow-ups.

Keep your lead pipeline updated, enabling a clear view of lead progress and facilitating strategic decision-making.

Efficient Operational Process Management

Streamline operational processes related to leads with ease, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Create and manage customized operational processes seamlessly to meet specific lead management needs

Generate quotations and invoices within the system, streamlining the process of managing financial aspects.

Tailor communication for each lead, ensuring personalized interactions and efficient engagement throughout the lead lifecycle.

Effectively create and manage deliveries associated with leads, streamlining the fulfillment process and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Automated Marketing Campaigns for Enhanced Lead Nurturing

Nurture leads until they're ready to convert by automating marketing campaigns for targeted engagement.

Efficiently manage the lead pipeline to track progress and strategically nurture leads through the sales funnel.

Engage with leads across various channels, ensuring comprehensive and effective communication for better lead nurturing.

Create targeted campaigns to engage leads effectively and guide them through the sales funnel with personalized interactions.

Implement and manage lead loyalty programs to incentivize and retain leads for long-term business relationships.

Why choose IMAST?

IMAST: Two Decades of Excellence, Trust, and Seamless Implementation

Founded by Seasoned Industry Leaders, Impeccable Solutions, Unrivalled Client Trust, and a Team Committed to Success

Decades of Mastery:

Over 20 years of industry leadership, led by seasoned experts with 15+ years of client-side experience.

Proven and Secure Solutions:

IMAST's decade-old solutions demonstrate reliability and scalability, ensuring a 95% client retention rate. Compliant with ISO, GDPR, and SoC2 infrastructure standards.

Practical Expertise:

Grounded in practicality, IMAST's implementation strategies ensure efficient and effective outcomes.

Client-Centric Focus:

IMAST prioritizes client trust, earning and maintaining confidence through transparent communication and tailored solutions.

Positive Culture and Top-Class Infrastructure:

A collaborative and positive working culture at IMAST encourages creativity, teamwork, and professional growth. We invest in success with top-class facilities, maintaining a seamless workflow from ideation to implementation.

Integrated and Scalable Solutions:

IMAST 360 is scalable, hosted on the AWS Webserver, with integrated modules and world-class analytics.

Our Integrated Partnerships

Seamless Integration with Your Favorite Tools!
Welcome the ease of integration with our system that already incorporates these smart tools.

Customer Success Stories

Customer Loyalty Solutions and Program Management for India's Leading Design House

Imast presents the epitome of loyalty management, customized exclusively for India's foremost design house, Good Earth. Seamlessly integrating Imast's 360 loyalty module across stores and e-commerce platforms, experience comprehensive end-to-end customer loyalty program management.

Elevate Loyalty Integrated Solutions for India's Modern, Mindful Design Studio

Imast unveils cutting-edge loyalty management tailored for Nicorbar, a visionary modern design studio from India. Seamlessly deploy Imast's 360 loyalty module across retail outlets and online platforms, ensuring holistic customer loyalty program management from start to finish.

Revolutionizing Loyalty and Referral Program Management

Imast introduces an innovative loyalty and referral program for Ashok Leyland, India's premier automotive brand. Leveraging Imast's integrated Loyalty and Lead Management Module, experience seamless customer engagement and program management with Imast 360.

Complete transparency of influencer sales

To enlist Fabricators by Sales Staff and obtain 100% visibility of sales made through influencers, IMAST created an integrated stack , which help in bringing transparency and visibility in entire sales process.

First-ever Integrated Automotive Aftermarket Solution

Automotive Retailers, Workshops, Mechanics, Sales Staff, and Distributors were all incorporated into one solution by IMAST. It aided Lumax in offering a flawless after-market sales operation.

Expanded Market Reach for Clothing Retailers

For field executives, IMAST deployed SFA Solution, and the solution was extended to Retailers for Loyalty Program and Sales Capture. This facilitated the penetration of the PRIDE Retail Loyalty Program on the field and helped Raymonds increase their reach to new shops.

An increase in the productivity of retail and stationery sales

Field executives, retailers, and stationers used IMAST Solutions to track sales and build customer loyalty. Trident's reach multiplied in the last four years, and achieved a 100% increase in active channel partners.

Integrated Approach for the Electrical Industry

IMAST deployed a comprehensive solution Covering aspects for field sales operations , field service operations , electricians and retailers loyalty programs. This eased the burden of sales operations there by extending C&S Electric's reach.

India's First Integrated Solution for Solar Industry Solution

Bringing a revolution in the Solar Panel Industry , IMAST deployed first integrated solution in solar panels industry roping in Solar Panel Integrators , Franchise and Sales Staff.


Create customised reward, gifting, and payout infrastructure